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Garage Door Strut And Its Importance

Garage Door Strut And Its Importance

How important is the garage door strut to the garage? For one, the door strut is the backbone to our garage doors. Each of our garage doors must have at least one door strut mounted on top to support the tugging and pulling from our garage door openers. An extra strut must also be installed in the middle to help support the door’s weight.

A Garage Door Strut For Heavy Doors

If we have heavy garage doors, we need more struts to hold off sagging when our doors are in the upright position. These struts are very useful to keep the rigidity and strength of our garage doors for a long time. At least three struts are recommended on a standard garage door for residences. Additional garage door struts are needed on heavier wooden or double steel insulated garage doors.

A Garage Door Strut To Prolong The Door’s Life

Undoubtedly, the door strut will certainly prolong the life of one’s garage door. If our garage doors tend to sag when opened fully, we may require an extra strut bracing. The door strut preserves quality and provides strength to our garage doors. Many garages have 3 to 4 struts that horizontally run across the garage door’s width. If the struts in our garage doors become damage, worn, or rusted, these struts should be replaced. It takes about two hours to mount new door struts for the garage doors.

Mounting Door Struts

images (20)The first step is measuring the widths of the garage doors and the old struts for replacement. We also have to buy struts of the same style and length as the old struts. The second step is closing our garage doors and using the step stool on accessing the strut on top. The third step is removing the 3 brackets that keep the top strut in its place. Each bracket is found on the far left, the middle, and the far right.

We then remove the brackets by inserting the screwdriver into each screw. We then remove the screws and the strut bracket will be kept in place by the 3 screws. The fourth step is removing the strut manually once the 3 brackets have been removed and loosened. We then remove the middle and bottom struts in the same way. This is done manually.

Final Steps

The fifth step is setting aside the old struts and placing the newer struts across the bottom. We then hold the bracket to the right and into position and thread the screws. They are then tightened. The same should be done for the middle strut.

The sixth step is moving the middle strut and holding it in place. We then replace the screws and the brackets with the power screwdriver. The same procedure to mount the top strut should be followed. The seventh step is opening and closing the door to test if the struts are properly installed.

We also need to inspect the struts with each garage door activity. This ensures that the brackets of the garage door strut are well tightened down.

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